Roger I. Simon * Kari Dehli * Rinaldo Walcott * Kathleen Gallagher * Megan Boler * Rob Morgan

Roger I. Simon, Director, CMCE (on-leave July 1 2003- June 30th, 2004)
tel: 416-923-6641 x 2425
fax: 416-926-4744

Roger I. Simon is a Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education across appointed to the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies and the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Simon is the Faculty Director of the Centre for Media and Culture in Education, The Director of the Testimony and Historical Memory Project at OISE/UT, and Co-Director of the Latner Program for Holocaust and Genocide Education at the University of Toronto. Simon has written broadly on critical approaches to culture and education. His most recent research has addressed questions of the pedagogical and ethical dimensions of practices of cultural memory in the context of our age of spectacle. This work on memory and the development of historical consciousness is part of Simon's on-going writing and teaching devoted to exploring the inter-sections of social and political theory, cultural practice and pedagogy in regard to the problem of securing a public sphere which might enable a just and compassionate future society.

Recent Internet-based publications include:

Remembrance as Praxis and the Ethics of the Inter-Human Simon, R. I., DiPaolantonio, M. and Clamen Culture Machine No. 4 February 2002 http://culturemachine.tees.ac.uk/frm_f1.htm

"What Happens When We Press Play?: Future Research on the Substance and Use of Holocaust Audiovisual Testimony@ Interdisciplinary Approaches to Holocaust Video Testimony 2001 http://www.nyu.edu/projects/hvt/works/Simon-WhatHappens.html

Recent Print based Publications include:

Beyond the Logic of Emblemization: Rethinking the Remembrances of the Montreal Massacre Rosenberg, S. and Simon, R. Educational Theory Vol. 50/ No. 2 Spring 2000 pp. 133-155.

The Touch of the Past: The Pedagogical Significance of a Transactional Sphere of Public Memory in Peter Trifonas [ed.] Revolutionary Pedagogies: Cultural Politics, Education, and the Discourse of Theory New York: Routledge 2000 pp.61-80.

The University: A Place to Think? in Henry A. Giroux and Kostas Myrsiades, eds. Beyond the Corporate University: Pedagogy, Culture, and Literary Studies in the New Millennium Boulder: Rowman and Littlefield, 2001 pp.45-56.

Simon's most recent book (edited together with Sharon Rosenberg and Claudia Eppert) is Between Hope and Despair: Pedagogy and the Remembrance of Historical Trauma.Latham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield 2000.

Kari Dehli, (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, OISE/UT)
tel: 416-923-6641 x 2271
fax: 416-926-4751

I was the first Faculty Director of CMCE. I teach courses and supervise graduate students in feminist politics and theory, cultural studies, state formation and government. My research interests include the social and historical organization of education policy, as well as the cultural forms and practices of government and states. In some of my research I have asked about the ways in which we encounter ‘the state’ and ‘government’ in everyday life, through practices of identification, representation and organization. In addition to numerous articles and chapters, my publications include a co-authored book on the politics of feminisms within universities (Unsettling Relations: The University as a Site of Feminist Struggles, Toronto: Women’s Press, 1991, with Himani Bannerji, Linda Carty, Susan Heald and Kate McKenna); and a co-edited international collection on histories of school discipline (Discipline, Moral Regulation and Schooling: A Social History, New York: Garland Press, 1997, with Kate Rousmaniere, and Ning de Coninck-Smith).

Rinaldo Walcott
tel: 416-923-6641 x 2007
fax: 416-926-4751

Rinaldo Walcott is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education,where he also holds the Canada Research Chair in Social Justice and Cultural Studies. His teaching and research has been largely in the area of cultural studies and postcolonial studies with an emphasis on black diaspora studies. He has published on music, film, queer theory, literature and theatre. His most recent scholarship branches out from black studies to engage with other forms of marginalized difference in the Canadian nation making project. This new project is called " Other Canadians and the Re-making of the Nation" and will result in the "Other Canadians Database: Culture Re-making the Nation" which will consist of film and video made by "Other Canadians" that directly confronts the nation making project. Rinaldo is the author of Black Like Who:? Writing Black Canada (1997, Insomniac Press); and the editor of Rude: Contemporary Black Canadian Cultural Criticism (2000, Insomniac Press). He was a member of the former Borderlines editorial collective and a former editorial board member of Fuse Magazine.

Some Recent Publications Include:

(2003), "The Struggle for Happiness: Commodified Black Masculinities, Vernacular Cultures and Homoerotic Desires". In P. Trifonas (Ed.), Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Change. New York: RoutledgeFalmer, 137-154.

(2002), "Bowl Me Over Michael Moore". December 19, 2002. Rabble.ca.

(2002), "'It's My Nature': The Discourse of Experience and Black Canadian Music". In J. Sloniowski and J. Nicks (Ed.) Slippery Pastimes: A Canadian Popular Culture Reader. Canada: Wildfer Laurier University Press.

(2001), "Blue Print for Resistance: Art, Nation, and Citizenship". A. Patterson and S. Mckay (Ed.). Money Value Art. YYZ Artists Outlet, p.201-216.