Ruptures, continuities and re-learning: The political participation of Latin Americans in Canada

Rupturas, continuidades y reaprendizajes: la participación política de la comunidad latinoamericana en Canadá





Jorge Ginieniewicz and Daniel Schugurensky
University of Toronto

ISBN: 0-7727-2621-3
Publisher: Transformative Learning Centre, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
Copyright: 2006
Format: Paper; 404 pp


The book has 42 chapters, organized in an introduction and eight sections: academic essays, opinion columns, journalistic articles, short stories, life stories, poetry, theatre-script and interviews. It includes a prologue by Luz Bascuñán.


"The book ‘Fractures, continuities and re-learning: Civic and political participation of Latin Americans in Canada’ includes works that reflect a variety of experiences of Latin Americans who live in Canada, from the reasons why they had to leave their countries of origin to their activities in Canada today. In order to enhance the development of our community, it is imperative to obtain more information from ourselves. This type of work allows us to enrich our collective knowledge by sharing diverse experiences from different literary genres."

Luz Bascuñán,
School Trustee, Toronto District School Board, 1990-1997

"This book is the first of its kind for the Latin American-Canadian community and allows Latinos and Latinas wherever they live to know that there is something bigger than the little community that they see at the local community festivals."

Lorena Gajardo,
Instructor, Latino/a Identity in Canada, University of Toronto 

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Table of Contents
Anne Goodman
Prologue/ Prólogo                                              			   
Luz Bascuñán
Introduction/ Introducción
The Latin American migration to Canada: eight outlooks        
La migración latinoamericana a Canadá: ocho miradas              	     
Daniel Schugurensky / Jorge Ginieniewicz
Academic articles/Artículos académicos
Political participation of Latin Americans in Canada:
what do we know so far?                                   		
Jorge Ginieniewicz
La participación política de los latinoamericanos
en la provincia de Quebec: el caso de los chilenos   
José del Pozo
Toronto hispano, Toronto latino:
Latin American institutional community
development in the Greater Toronto Area (1973-2005)      
Luin Goldring, Patricia Landolt, Judith K. Bernhard
and Martha Barriga
Citizenship and immigrant participation in neoliberal Toronto:
reflections on Latin Americans’ experiences       
Luisa Veronis
Conceptions of political participation
among recent Latin-American newcomers to Canada  
Neyda Long
Mujeres inmigrantes latinoamericanas:
identidad, participación y familia             
Marta Barriga y Gisela Vanzaghi
Learning to be Canadian: Mexican women compare
cultural notions on community participation          
Martha Viveros
The sisterhood was not us        
Magaly San Martín
A Man Called Pablo: popular theatre and
Latin American/Canadian grassroots political participation   
Luisa Gormley
Formación de una cultura del exilio:
el caso de la comunidad chilena en Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
Litzy Baeza
Justicia for migrant workers: in search of a guestworker
program by the workers, for the workers    
Katie Hinnenkamp
Continuing the struggle: Salvadorean political participation
in Toronto         
Tanya Chute Molina
Nation and gender: views from
Chilean-Canadian women in post-exile     
Mónica Escobar
Opinion columns/Columnas de opinión
Los latinoamericanos en Québec: una realidad particular     	
Víctor Armony
Immigration, citizenship, and politics: the ‘moment of the click’   
Daniel Schugurensky
A fragmented Latin American identity        
Ruth Cáceres
Inmigrantes latinoamericanos en la periferia
del quehacer politico y social de Canadá             
Mirna Concha Soto
Percepciones de la participación cívica y política
de los latino-canadienses                                        	
Marta Hernández
Journalistic articles/Artículos periodísticos
Agricultural migrant workers and the struggle for dignity:
Mexican-Canadians build Enlace community link                 
Petra Kukacka
Se me despertó la conciencia                                    
Lucía Terra
In exile                                                               	
Paul Carr
Short stories/Cuentos
Camila Reimers		
Salón Sahara                                                  	
Ihosvany Hernández González
Carmen Rodríguez
La soledad de Marta del Fuego                                    
Lois Provost
Una pequeña duda                                                 	
Guillermo Rose
Como aquel jueves a Lucía                                          
Analía Sivak	
Life stories/ Historias de vida
Civic participation through theatre                                	
Lina de Guevara
20 de Junio, día mundial del refugiado                       	
Del pueblo unido... al Om                                        		
Camila Reimers
Working for social justice as a life commitment:
from a detention camp to Amnesty International               
Luis D’Elía
Dibujos en noviembre         
Juan Mildenberger
Claudio Durán
Hay gente exiliada               
Paul Carr
Emma Beltrán
They come                           
Hugh Hazelton
We are all Jean Charles today           
Ogush Leinad
Canadian tango, one act play             
Lina de Guevara
“Generation 1.5, identity and politics:
a conversation with Chilean-Canadian women”          
Evelyn Encalada Grez, Lorena Gajardo, Magaly San Martín
and Alejandra Bravo, in conversation with
Daniel Schugurensky and Jorge Ginieniewicz
“Generation 1.5, identity and politics:
a conversation with Salvadorean-Canadian men”        
René Guerra Salazar and Nelson Rosales in conversation with
Daniel Schugurensky and Jorge Ginieniewicz  
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