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Citizenship Learning & Participatory Democracy





The Meeting Place

participatory democracy meets citizenship education




This website is being developed as a resource material for students enrolled in the course Citizenship Learning and Participatory Democracy (which I teach regularly at OISE/UT) and for all those interested in these issues. The site includes three main themes:

The first relates to citizenship learning, which in turn is related to theories of citizenship. 

The second theme relates to the theory and practice of participatory democracy

The third theme (the meeting place) explores the connections between citizenship learning and participatory democracy. 

For an introduction to these themes, see Three theses on citizenship learning and participatory democracy.

For readings on citizenship learning and participatory democracy, see library.

I hope you enjoy this website, and please send me an email with any contributions or with any suggestions for improvements that you may have!  

Daniel Schugurensky, OISE/UT

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