Educational Purpose of the Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium

The Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium Web Portal was created by Gary Pieters, an educator and history scholar, in 2001 as part of his Masters Research Project [MRP] at University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. This website contributes to a deeper understanding of the Black Canadian diaspora and promotes online resources for diverse Canadians to learn about Black history from a Canadian perspective.

This Web portal also features events that connects people with a variety of events in the community. Check out the calendar of events and go out and enjoy the events taking place within your community.

The website reflects his interest in culturally relevant and responsive incorporation of the contributions of African Canadians and their contributions to Canada. The resource section is categorized into clear subject areas, allowing ease of use of its events and research sections.

The website will enable users to develop a better and comprehensive understanding of the contributions of African Canadians. By clicking on specific subheadings in the menu frame to the left at this site, you can explore its many resources.

This website supports inclusive incorporation of historical and contemporary Black Canadians and their contributions to economic, social, cultural, scientific and political citizenship in Canada.

You are encouraged to use information from this website for research or publication with the expectation that you will acknowledge this website and/or the original source where specified.

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