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Lorna Earl (Head)

Lorna Earl -- is Associate Professor at OISE/UT. The first Director of Assessment for the Ontario Educational Quality and Accountability Office, she is the Former Research Director for the Scarborough Board of Education and now Assistant Professor at OISE, Lorna Earl is a leader in the field of assessment and evaluation and has been widely involved in consultation, research and staff development with educational organizations, ministries of education, school boards and charitable foundations in Canada, England and Australia. In 1994, she was named a Distinguished Educator by OISE in recognition of contributions which have served to stimulate and enrich education. Lorna's primary interest is in applying research, assessment and evaluation activities to school and classroom realities and to policy and reform decisions.

Andy Hargreaves (Founding Head)

Andy Hargreaves is a Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. Before moving to North America in 1987, he taught primary school and lectured in several English universities. He is widely involved in consultation, research and improvement activities with teacher unions, universities, school districts, education ministries and Charitable Foundations across the world, and has held visiting professorships in England, Australia, Sweden, Spain, U.S., Hong Kong and Japan. He is in high demand among these groups as a dynamic and motivational keynote speaker and workshop leader.

The author and editor of more than twenty books and monographs in education, he has established an international reputation as a leading authority and innovative thinker in the fields of teacher development, the culture of the school and educational reform.

To find out more about Andy Hargreaves, please visit his website at

Nina Bascia

Nina Bascia is an Associate Professor and chair of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE/UT. Nina has worked with teachers' federations, school/university partnerships, school districts, and other organizational sponsors on a variety of educational reform initiatives in Canada and the U.S. A former researcher with the Center for Research on the Context of Secondary School Teaching at Stanford University, her research and practical interests include the organizational context of teaching, teacher leadership, and teachers' professional development.

Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan is Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Most educators would regard Michael Fullan as the world's leading authority on educational change, his books having been translated into several languages. To find out more about Michael Fullan, please visit his website at


Amanda Datnow

Amanda Datnow is currently Assistant Professor at OISE/UT. She was formerly Associate Research Scientist, Centre for Social Organization in Schools at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. Her research focuses on the politics of policies of school reform, particularly with regard to the professional lives of teachers and issues of equity. Within this broader research agenda, one of her areas of focus is the intersection of gender and school reform. Her other interests related to school change include racial and ethnic diversity, leadership, and curriculum differentiation.

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is currently Associate Professor at OISE/UT. His research interests include the implementation of education policy and program change, school improvement and teacher development, program evaluation, and innovations in pre-service teacher education. My research and consulting experiences have been situated in Canada, the United States, Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda), and Pakistan. Current and recent research projects include case studies of school district-level efforts to develop teacher capacity to improve student learning in the United States, school district and parent surveys regarding school choice policies in Ontario, a cross-case investigation of whole school improvement initiatives in twelve Ohio elementary, middle, and secondary schools, and an evaluation of a school district-wide elementary school improvement project in Mombasa Kenya. Recent publications include an edited book on school improvement projects in East Africa (School Improvement in the Developing World: Case Studies of the Aga Khan Foundation Projects), a cross-case analysis of school improvement published and disseminated by the Ohio Department of Education (Getting into the Habit of Change in Ohio Schools: The Cross-Case Study of 12 Transforming Learning Communities, co-authored with Dennis Thiessen), and articles on innovations in pre-service teacher education at OISE/UT ("Practices in teacher education and cooperative learning at the University of Toronto", book chapter co-authored with Carol Rolheiser" "Preparing teachers to be leaders", Educational Leadership 55(5), 1998, co-authored with Carol Rolheiser and Kim Gordon).

Lynne Hannay

Lynne Hannay is an Associate Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at U/T. She is also Head of the OISE Midwestern Centre at Kitchener. Her teaching, research, and field development interests have focused on interactive staff development strategies to facilitate both systemic and school-level change. As a member of the Field Centre Division, she is actively engaged with partners in schools and school districts in developing change strategies.

Paul Shaw

Dr. Paul Shaw is an associate member of the The International Centre for Educational Change, OISE/University of Toronto, and President of Southern Cross Educational (Canada) Inc. During the past 11 years, Dr. Shaw has created, facilitated, studied and supported a wide range of educational projects focused on collaboration, inquiry, improvement, literacy, leadership and capacity building. He is currently involved in projects in Estonia and Jordan. He is the lead educator in the Egypt project, which involves the design and delivery of a program to improve primary education over a five-year period. He designs, facilitates and co-ordinates an on-going school leadership development project with the Estonian Ministry of Education in partnership with the University of Tartu and district councils that focuses on pedagogical leadership and professional learning communities. Dr. Shaw enjoys a long-term relationship with the Aga Khan University in Pakistan where he teaches in the graduate program, contributes to faculty development and works with faculty and schools in designing and supporting inquiring "Communities of Practice". He initiated and originally co-ordinated the Hong Kong school improvement-training process at OISE and has co-ordinated a similar training project for leaders with the New South Wales Department of Education where he has also travelled the state working with leadership groups.

In Ontario, he was responsible for the creation and implementation of a dynamic partnership between OISE/University of Toronto, York University and Peel District Board of Education. This vibrant tri-partite relationship brought together the interests and resources of the partners to focus on supporting schools and teachers in dealing with change and manifests in the form of more than 20 research and development projects. Within this partnership, along with Andy Hargreaves, he was co-principal investigator and developer of the "Networks of Change" (otherwise known as Change Frames) project that for six years studied and supported a number of secondary schools through substantive secondary school reform. Prior to this (1992-1996) he was Provincial Coordinator of the Creating a Culture of Change Initiative. In this role, he worked with, and was responsible for the training of some 55 facilitators (both secondary and elementary) who supported educators dealing with change and restructuring issues in schools across the province. Paul has been principal of four large and varied schools primarily in diverse socio-economic/multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities.

Paul is President of Southern Cross Educational (Canada) Inc. an Educational Consulting company that designs, consults, trains and develops programs for the professional learning of participants. He is also a Research and Teaching Associate with the International Centre for Educational Change at OISE/University of Toronto. He teaches graduate courses on School Effectiveness and School Improvement and Educational Leadership. Dr. Shaw consults with and lectures in many school districts across North America and elsewhere in the world about literacy, collaborative cultures, professional and organizational learning, leadership and working successfully with change. He facilitates many school improvement teams and speaks at many educational conferences. He brings the voice of a successful practitioner as well as an enlightened academic to the world of the school.

Contact Dr. Shaw at 250 656 6689 Email: or

Wayne Seller

Wayne Seller is a Project Director and Head of the O.I.S.E. Northwestern Field Centre in Thunder Bay. His work has centred on school-based change with an emphasis on collaborative leadership. He developed and piloted much of the work on peer coaching around the province of Ontario and has also written on the mentorship process. Recently, his research has focused on school cultures, long-term school-based change, and a focus on continuing education and the role of an adult learner.


Clay Lafleur

Clay Lafleur is the Curriculum and Assessment Officer for the Simcoe County District School Board. He is also an adjunct professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (OISE/UT) in the Educational Administration Program of the Theory and Policy Studies in Education Department. He is also a member of the International Centre for Educational Change at OISE/UT. In addition, Clay is associate faculty at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, where he teaches online distance courses for the Master of Arts in the Leadership and Training (MALT) program. He is currently President of his own consulting company, Claymar International, for which he conducts a variety of workshops and research projects.

Clay’s current academic pursuits are related to subjective experiences of time, developing cultures of inquiry, instructional and distributed leadership, and educational change. Recent book chapters, articles and presentations have dealt not only with these interests, but also participatory evaluation, policy development and implementation, values, organizational learning and improvement, walk through training for school leaders, modified calendar schools, balanced school day, health and wellness issues, collaboration among school principals, and action research.

Stephen Katz

Dr. Steven Katz is a director with the research and evaluation firm Aporia Consulting Ltd. and a lecturer in Human Development and Applied Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. His areas of expertise include the psychological foundations of human performance and the design of data-driven systems for organizational planning and improvement. He has received the Governor General’s medal for excellence in his field, and has been involved in research, professional development, and consulting with a host of educational organizations.

Michele Schmidt

Michèle Schmidt was a high school teacher for the Scarborough Board of Education in Ontario for seven years and recently taught as an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University (2000-2002). She is currently an Associate Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University in the Center for Organization of Schools. Michèle’s recent research and field development interests include: school reform, classroom assessment and Career and Technology Education. Her research experiences have been within both a US and Canadian context. Recent publications include "Emotions in Educational Administration: An Unorthodox Examination of Teachers' Career Decisions" in the International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration edited by Ken Leithwood (Winter 2002), and a co-authored article with Lorna Earl and Andy Hargreaves "Perspectives On Alternative Assessment Reform" in American Educational Research Journal (Summer 2002).

Noreen Jacka

Noreen Jacka is an educational researcher/consultant with a doctorate in Educational Administration from OISE/UT. In addition to teaching graduate courses in educational administration at OISE/UT and elsewhere, Noreen has conducted research for organizations in both Canada and the U.S. Many of Noreen's projects have centred on the professional lives of teachers as they work with colleagues, administrators, school boards, and state/provincial departments and ministries of education.

Dean Fink

Dean Fink is an international educational development consultant. He is a former superintendent and principal with the Halton Board of Education. In his career, he has taught at all levels of education from primary grades to graduate school. He has been a senior manager at both primary and secondary levels. Dean holds post graduate degrees in both history and educational administration. In the past four years, Dean has made presentations or conducted workshops in 21 different countries including, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, China, and the Baltic states.

Research Officers

Shawn Moore

The Change Frames Project, involving secondary schools in the Peel District School Board, was completed in November 2002. The final report is available on the ICEC website. Susan Lasky and I are investigating parent involvement and family-school partnerships in four exemplary secondary schools in Ontario (two-year transfer grant). Susan presented a paper on our methodogy last year at the Annual International Roundtable On School, Family and Community Partnerships. I am currently working with Robert White, Dean Fink, Carol Brayman and Andy Hargreaves on a research project with the Ontario Principals' Council that examines the process of principal succession/rotation in times of rapid educational change. Along with Andy Hargreaves (Boston College), I am coordinating the writing of historical case studies and a cross-case analysis of the change process in eight secondary schools over a thirty-year period (Spencer Foundation Project, "Change Over Time"). A special issue of Education Administration Quarterly will feature papers based on Spencer Project findings.

Nancy Torrance



Graduate Assistants


Sid Ali

Karen Allin

Leanne Foster

Sue Lasky

Stephanie Sutherland

Sheryl Freeman

Cathy Hand

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Camille Rutherford

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