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International Conference on Measurement and Multivariate Analysis (ICMMA) and Dual Scaling Workshop

May 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2000
at The Banff Centre for Conferences Banff, Alberta, Canada

Under the Auspices of
The Centre for Advancement of Measurement Evaluation Research and Assessment
OISE/UT, University of Toronto, Canada
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan

SPONSORS and Information on Proceedings


SPONSORS (click on!)

The Institute of the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers, Tokyo, Japan

S-PLUS Group, Mathematical Systems, Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Pasco Corporation, Japan

Information on Proceedings

Dear Participants at the ICMMA,

We are sorry to have kept you waiting this long, but we are finally in the position to work towards publishing our proceedings. At this stage, we would like to inform you of the following:

(1) The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) in Japan, one of the conference sponsors, has indicated its willingness to look into the publication of the proceedings from Springer-Verlag Tokyo.

(2) Due to the above arrangement, the proceedings will be published as a conference proceedings, without an originally intended dedication to S. Nishisato honoring his retirement.

(3) Considering that Nishisato was solely involved in producing the conference-version of the proceedings, circulated at the ICMMA in Banff, the editorial committee of the conference (Baba, Bozdogan, Nishisato) has decided to appoint him as the Editor-in-Chief. In addition, K. Kanefuji of the ISM has been recruited to join the editorial team:

S. Nishisato (University of Toronto) - Editor-in-Chief
Y. Baba (ISM) - Co-Editor
H. Bozdogan (University of Tennessee)- Co-Editor
K. Kanefuiji (ISM) - Co-Editor

(4) We would like to ask you to prepare your paper, not exceeding 10 pages. Once all the papers are submitted to the Editorial Committee, they will be subjected to peer review. We would also like to ask the organizers of invited sessions to include overviews of the areas, if possible at all..

(5) Please see the instructions for authors in pareparing your paper.
(6) Send your paper to the Editorial Team electronically by May 1, 2001. 10-page papers will be subjected to peer review, to be completed by July 15, 2001, and final versions should be submitted to the editorial team by September 15, 2001. The editorial team will submit the final version of the manuscripts to the publisher by November 15, 2001.

(6) The title of the proceedings will be "Measurement and Multivariate Analysis."

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of us.


Shizuhiko Nishisato (snishisato@oise.utoronto.ca)
Yasumasa Baba (baba@ism.ac.jp)
Hamparsum Bozdogan (bozdogan@utk.edu)
Koji Kanefuji (kanefuji@ism.ac.jp)

Instructions for Authors Guideline for Preparation of Proceedings of ICMMA

Shizuhiko Nishisato 1 , Yasumasa Baba 2 , Hamparsum Bozdogan 2 , and Koji Kanefuji 2
1. Editor-in-Chief (University of Toronto)
252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1V6
2. Co-Editors

The format for manuscripts and the procedure for their submission are as follows.
To standardize the layout and typesetting for the volume, we recommend that authors use L A T E X or Microsoft Word processors. The following text represents the prescribed format and may be used as an example.
1. Format of the abstract, etc.
Writing area per page is 11.7 x 18.8 cm and should be filled completely. The manuscripts should be centered on A4 size stationary (21.0 x 29.7 cm); thus the coordinates of the left upper corner of the text are \left" = 4.6 cm, \top" = 4.0 cm. These coordinates should be maintained even if US letter size (8.5 £ 11 inch ' 21.6 £ 27.8 cm) is used. The text should be written in L A T E X ,\Roman style" (for rare exceptions see the below). Font size of 10pt is preferable.
1.1: Text, tables and illustrations will be printed in observing the original size. To preclude illegibility, avoid using too small a font, especially in sub-scripts or superscripts.
1.2: At the end of this guide we reproduce the L A T E X ¯le used for its printing as an example for your abstract.
1.3: If you do not have access to L A T E X you should arrange the manuscript as follows:
Use Microsoft Word: This presupposes the text as having no or only a few mathematical formulas, and that you use the Microsoft Word \Times Roman" or \Times" font. Then observe as closely as possible the format presented in this guide.
1.4: If you cannot ful¯ll any of the requirements of these guidelines, please contact the Editorial Committee; E-mail:icmma-ed@ism.ac.jp.