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Latin American Research, Education and Development
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'Building Bridges: The Civic and Political Participation of Latin American-Canadians'
Announcement of Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce the awards for the contributions submitted to the project 'Building Bridges', on the civic and political participation of Latin American-Canadians.

We received over 40 contributions from many parts of Canada and also from abroad. We want to express our gratitude to all those who submitted a work, to all the judges who evaluated those works, and to all those who helped to organize this process. To ensure the fairness of the evaluation process, we followed a blind review process. The judges had no information about the authors of the works under review. The anonymity of the authors was preserved by the use of pseudonyms. Each contribution was evaluated independently by several judges. Two main criteria were used to give the awards: relevance to one or more the themes of the call, and overall quality of the submission.

In several categories, the high quality and relevance of the contributions made the process of awarding prizes very difficult. We want to congratulate all those who received an award, and we want to thank all contributors for sharing your talent and your reflections on the immigrant experience. After the authors make final revisions to their texts, they will be published in different venues. All awarded works will be published. Works that did not receive an award but have publishable potential will be invited to resubmit, and also be considered for publication. Authors will have until Friday, September 23rd, to send their final versions. We will also try to find non-printed venues (such as radio and theatre) for the dissemination of some of your contributions. Thank you very much to all of you.

'Buidling Bridges' Coordinating Committee, August 2005.


Short Stories

First Prize:
Author: Camila Reimers, Ottawa, Ontario.

Second Prize:
Salón Sahara
Author: Ihosvany Hernández González, Westmount, Quebec.

Third Prize Shared by:
Author: Carmen Rodriguez, Vancouver, British Columbia.


La Soledad de Marta Del Fuego
Author: M.C.L.M. Provost (Turchetti), Toronto, Ontario.

Honourable Mentions:

Una pequeña duda
Author: Guillermo Rose, Markham, Ontario.

Como aquel jueves a Lucía
Author: Analía Sivak, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Life History

First Prize:
Civic Participation through Theatre
Author: Lina de Guevara, Victoria, British Columbia.

Second Prize:
Día Mundial del Refugiado: 20 de Junio
Author: "Asociación Pachamama"

Third Prize:
Del Pueblo Unido... al Om
Author: Camila Reimers, Ottawa, Ontario.

Journalistic Articles

First Prize:
Agricultural Migrant Workers and the Struggle for Dignity: Mexican-Canadians Build Enlace Community Link
Author: Petra Kukacka, Toronto, Ontario.

Second Prize:
Se me despertó la conciencia
Author: Lucia Terra, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Third Prize:
In Exile
Author: Paul Carr, Montreal, Quebec.


First Prize:
Canadian Tango - One Act Play
Author: Lina de Guevara, Victoria, British Columbia.
(Only one prize was awarded in this category.)

Opinion Columns

First Prize:
A Fragmented Latin American Identity
Author: Ruth Maria Caceres, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Second Prize:
Inmigrantes latinoamericanos en la periferia del quehacer politico y social de Canada.
Author: Mirna Andrea Concha Soto, Minesing, Ontario.

Third Prize:
Percepciones de la participacion civica y politica de los latino-canadienses
Author: Marta Hernandez, Toronto, Ontario.


First Prize:
Dibujos en noviembre
Author: Juan Mildenberger, Gatineau (Sector Hull), Quebec.

Second Prize:
Author: Claudio Duran, Toronto, Ontario.

Third Prize:
Hay Gente Exiliada
Author: Paul Carr, Montreal, Quebec.


Honourable mention:
A Man Called Pablo: Popular Theatre and Latin American/Canadian Grassroots Political Participation
Author: Luisa Gormley Mississauga, Ontario.

(No other prizes were awarded in this category)