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Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development. Adult Skills Alberta. (March 1998) A Guide for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition with Adult Development Clients. Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development.

Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer. (June 1998) Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition: Policies and Procedures at Selected Post-Secondary Institutions. Edmonton: Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer. 

Includes policies from selected public colleges, technical institutes, vocational colleges, private university colleges, and universities.

Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer. (March 1997) Recommended Practices for Officially Recording the Evaluation and Recognition of Prior Learning. Edmonton: Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer.

Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer. (December 1995) Recognition of PLA Committee, Terms of Reference, and Principles and Standards for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Athabasca University. (No date) Services for Students, Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. [On-line] Available [November 08, 1999]

Government of Alberta. Task Force on the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. (1992) Bridging the Gap: A Report of the Task Force on the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. Summary Report. Edmonton: Government of Alberta. [23 pages]

University of Alberta. (April 1985) Report of the Progress Review Committee, Task Force on Mature Students, The University of Alberta. Edmonton: Senate of the University of Alberta.

26 pages. Document Type: project description. Responses by various University of Alberta offices to recommendations of the Senate Task Force on Mature Students are detailed. "Mature student" is used to refer to students 23 years old or older. Attention is directed to: support services (library, offices, bookstore); choice of courses in the evening; residency requirements; registration; credit by special assessment; study space; finances; skill improvement; upgrading and remediation; alternate routes of entry; clearance of matriculation deficiencies; admission to quota faculties; orientation and general information services; and counseling services for mature students. Significant strides were made in the area of orientation and general information services for mature students, and a half-time appointment of a mature student adviser was completed. Although library hours were slightly extended, financial constraints prevented Deans' offices being kept open during the noon hours and also made it impossible to provide additional study space in the evenings, and to offer more evening credit courses. A survey indicated that very few students were aware of the credit by special assessment. Also included in this report are a letter summarizing the work of the Progress Review Committee and a brief seminar paper on the mature student. Descriptors: Academic Advising; Adult Students; Advisory Committees; Ancillary School Services; Basic Skills; Change Strategies; College Admission; Evening Programs; Financial Problems; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Information Sources; Prior Learning; Remedial Programs; Residence Requirements; School Orientation; School Registration; Student Needs; Student Personnel Services; Study Facilities Identifiers: University of Alberta (Canada).

University of Calgary. (1998) Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. PDCL Working Paper 5, (Release 1, 30-Nov-98). [On-line] Available [November 08, 1999]

Some models of Accreditation of prior experiential learning have recently appeared in a new publication The Virtual University: An Action Paradigm and Process for Workplace Learning by R. Teare, D. Davies and E. Sandelands based on their recent experiences and practices in launching "Our University for Industry" late last year.  A description of their practices appear below.

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