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British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer. (February 1995) Prior Learning Assessment: A British Columbia Update. Vancouver: BCCAT.

Contents include: BCCAT activities reflect growing PLA interest; training for PLA implementation; an inventory of PLA activity in BC; system planning; at the Ministry of Skills, Training, and Labour; next steps for PLA in BC; PLA handbooks; PLA contacts directory.

British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer. (December 1994) Prior Learning Assessment: An Inventory of Activity in B.C. Post-secondary Institutions. Victoria: BCCAT.

British Columbia Ministry of Education, Skills, and Training. (1996) Charting a New Course: A Strategic Plan for the Future of British Columbia's College, Institute, and Agency System. Victoria: Ministry of Education, Skills, and Training.

This strategic plan for the college, institute, and agency system, has been developed to ensure that all British Columbians are prepared to participate in today's changing society; find productive employment in a competitive labour market; have opportunities for continuous learning; and receive value for the investment made in public and post-secondary education and training. The plan recommends implementing system wide approaches to complement the strengths and diversity of individual institutions and to promote responsive, flexible, and high quality program delivery. The fundamental values and strengths of the existing college, institute, and agency system are central to the strategic plan. The plan is the result of ongoing collaboration between the Ministry of Education, Skills and Training, and organizations in the college, institute, and agency system, working through a provincial steering committee composed of institutional presidents, board members, faculty, students, and government representatives.

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Simosko, Susan. (1995) Prior Learning Assessment and Educational Reform: A Vision for Now. Victoria, BC: Centre for Curriculum and Professional Development; British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer.

39 pages. This paper presents a vision of what the education and training system in British Columbia would need to look like in order to fully embrace the concept of prior learning assessment (PLA). The paper considers PLA as a tool offering a range of flexible assessment options and strategies to promote the learning and development of individuals regardless of their background, program area, or academic or vocational aspirations. Each section of the paper is introduced by a scenario that takes place sometime in the future in which institutions have become truly learner-centred and actively promote the learning and development of everyone from students to staff to faculty to managers. The first section introduces the PLA concept and reviews its status in British Columbia. The second examines the critical issues in creating system-wide change and reviews the sort of change that will be required in the move to a system based on flexible assessment and outcomes. The final section suggests a series of action points that, along with other initiatives, will begin to create the vision of a new learning system in the province. Descriptors (major): Experiential Learning; Females; Prior Learning; Reentry Students; Self Evaluation (Individuals); (minor): Adult Development.

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