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PLA Centre (September 1998). The PLA Centre: A Five-Year Strategic Demonstration Project (1996-2001). Human Resources Development Canada [Brochure]. Halifax, NS: Author.

The founders of this five-year demonstration project had a very timely objective in mind; namely, to provide better assessment and advising support for adults struggling to cope with rapid and unrelenting change. They believed that a closer and more effective linkage had to be forged between current labour market realities and the 'learning imperative' that permeates our lives-whether we are seeking employment, changing jobs, developing career options, keeping up with workplace change, or striving to contribute to our communities. They also believed that a way had to be found to address the crisis of confidence so many people are experiencing, to build practical options and to encourage greater self-sufficiency. In its two-and-a-half years of operation, the PLA Centre has confirmed and exceeded those goals and expectations. The prior learning assessment processes the Centre adopted are focused upon systematic, guided and documented self-assessment of all types of prior learning. This approach has met with widespread interest and extremely positive response. As this report documents, the Centre provides service to a broad cross-section of the general public. It also works with the education and training system that, for many, provides a way forward in their jobs and communities.

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