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Bailie, S., O'Hagan C., and McAleavy, G.  (1998) Accrediting Prior Experiential Learning in Higher Education. [On-line] Available [November 08, 1999]

Higher education is not exempt from the rapidly changing climate of modern times and evaluations such as the latest review of higher education in the United Kingdom. Changes, including easier access and greater opportunities in higher education are beginning to affect the learning culture, learning organisations and employment markets across the province and indeed the rest of Europe. This paper aims to demonstrate how APEL may be used in various ways by institutions and learners by including new tools for assessment and flexible approaches to accreditation. A six-point typology will be presented as a set of methodologies for APEL in higher education. Each method will be explored against traditional models of APEL practice in the UK whilst corresponding to other international approaches.

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An overview of the NCEA's Prior Experiential Learning credit system. 

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4 pages. An introductory pamphlet to the NCEA's Prior Experiential Learning scheme.

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