Implementation of PLAR in Formal Education
Post-Secondary Education: Universities; Graduate Studies

Baird, Leonard L. (June 1979) Development of an Inventory of Documented Accomplishments for Graduate Admissions. Princeton, N.J.: Educational Testing Service, Graduate Record Examinations Board. 

54 pages. Document Type: research report; test, questionnaire. This is a report about the first two stages of a four-stage project designed to develop procedures to assess the accomplishments of applicants to graduate school. In the first stage, trial instruments were developed after thoroughly reviewing other attempts at assessing accomplishments and carefully considering the issues involved. Three prototypes were developed based on three approaches: a checklist approach, a semi-documented approach, and an open-ended portfolio approach. In the second stage, an instrument was developed that was designed to meet the operational and conceptual requirements of an inventory of documented accomplishments for graduate selection using as many of the positive features of earlier approaches in as simple a format as possible. The inventory, included in this document, contains items on the student's background, writing and publishing activities, contests and public performances, artistic or scientific objects produced, jobs, volunteer work, military activities, and three specific accomplishments. Descriptors: Admission Criteria; College Entrance Examinations; Experiential Learning; Graduate Students; Higher Education; Prior Learning; Selection; Test Construction Identifiers: Graduate Record Examinations. Report No: GREB-77-3R.

Cooksey, Elizabeth C. (December 1994) "Prior Activities and Progress in MBA Programs." Research in Higher Education 35(6), 647-68.

Dance, Muriel, et al. (1997) Student Handbook on Prior Learning Assessment: Instructions for Portfolio Development. External Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program at the University of Washington and Washington State University.

Dyer, Gordon C. (1991) "Design and Implementation of an M.B.A. Program in the United Kingdom." American Journal of Distance Education 5(2), 16-23.

Document Type: journal article; position paper; project description. Describes the design and implementation of a program offered through the United Kingdom's Open University that leads to a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The national need for management development opportunities is discussed, different entry standards based on prior education and experience are explained, and the use of computer-mediated communication is described. Descriptors: Administrator Education; Admission Criteria; Course Content; Distance Education; Foreign Countries; Higher Education; Management Development; Masters Programs; Prior Learning. Identifiers: Computer Mediated Communication; Course Development; Masters of Business Administration; Open University (Great Britain); United Kingdom. ISSN: 0892-3647.

Evans, Norman and Gerald Dearden. (No date) Curriculum Opportunity; AP(E)L in Higher Education.  The Learning From Experience Trust.

It is hoped that Curriculum Opportunity; AP(E)L in Higher Education will be useful to academic and administrative staff who are concerned with Credit Accumulation and Transfer and the Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning.  Based on a sample of nearly 800 students, the authors conducted an inquiry across nine universities to find out who were the students who gained graduate or post graduate qualifications in either 1992 or 1993 in part on the basis of academic credit for prior experiential learning.  How old were they? How did the numbers compare for men and women? What were their occupations? What was the source of their credit? How much credit were they awarded? What did they study? What results did they achieve? Those were the questions asked.  The answers in no way amount to a reliable statistical analysis for reasons which the report makes clear.  It does however give solid evidence for the firs time which spans a number of different institutions, raises important questions about institutional record keeping, the status and level of post experience and post graduate qualifications and the need to extend this kind of survey

Knapp, Joan E. (March 1982) "Assessing Experiential Learning in Graduate and Professional Education." New Directions for Experiential Learning (Expanding the Missions of Graduate and Professional Education) 15, 43-61.

A model of graduate experiential learning assessment is proposed, based on the work of the Council for the Advancement of Experiential Learning. Present program practices in 12 programs are related directly to the model so that sound practices can be identified and replicated in other programs. Descriptors (major): Educational Objectives; Experiential Learning; Graduate Study; Outcomes of Education; Professional Education; Program Evaluation (minor): Higher Education; Models; Prior Learning; Program Descriptions.

Whitaker, U. (June 1990) "Graduate Level Prior Learning Assessment." In The National Institute on the Assessment of Experiential Learning: Proceedings of the 2nd Conference. National Institute on the Assessment of Experiential Learning. Princeton, New Jersey, June 4-7. Philadelphia, PA: Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

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