Implementation of PLAR in Formal Education
Post-Secondary Education: Academic Programs and Professions:

Buckle, John. (No date) A Learner's Introduction to Building on Your Experience.  The Learning From Experience Trust.

This publication is of value to tutors wishing to develop schemes for the assessment of prior learning, and can be used as a workbook for students.  The Learner's Introduction is based on a project in which the Trust worked with Sheffield City Polytechnic in designing a manual which could be used by non-standard entry applicants for Business Studies courses in higher education and who wanted their "uncertificated learning" to support their application and/or were seeking admission with advanced standing.  This publication is based upon that manual, edited so as to make it applicable in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal.

Cooksey, Elizabeth C. (December 1994) "Prior Activities and Progress in MBA Programs." Research in Higher Education 35(6), 647-668.

Dyer, Gordon C. (1991) "Design and Implementation of an M.B.A. Program in the United Kingdom." American Journal of Distance Education 5(2), 16-23.

See abstract under 2.) Implementation of PLAR in Formal Education; B.) Post-secondary Education; 1.) Universities; B.) Graduate Studies.

Galson, Nirelle J., Richard L. Oliker. (Fall 1976) "Assessment of Experiential Learning in Business Administration." Alternative Higher Education 1(1), 33-42.

A study at Syracuse University funded by the Cooperative Assessment of Experiential Learning resulted in the development of a model for the assessment of experiential learning and the awarding of appropriate academic credit in a given educational environment. Descriptors (major): Business Administration; College Credits; Higher Education; Models; Student Experience; Work Experience (minor): Competency Based Education; Employment Experience; Experiential Learning; Learning Experience; Management Development (minor): Cooperative Assessment of Experiential Learning; Syracuse University NY.

Mark, Michael. (1988) "Issues in Assessing Business." In Assessing Learning: A CAEL Handbook for Faculty. Eds. Susan Simosko and others. Philadelphia, PA: Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, 93-106. 

Newton, Robert J. (1994) "Accreditation of Prior Learning in Business Schools." Management Development Review 7(3): 9-16.

Although the concept of Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) has been around for some time, its application in business schools is relatively new. Descriptors: Business Administration Education; Management Studies; National Vocational Qualifications. Identifiers: Accreditation of Prior Learning; Business Schools.

Shadle, Carolyn C. (October 1995) "Outcomes Study for SUNY State University of New York/ Empire State College's Independent Business Education Program." In Celebrating Excellence: Learning and Teaching in Adult Higher Education. Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Alternative and External Degree Programs for Adults. Columbus, Ohio, October 5-7.

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