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This bibliography, prepared by the New Approaches to Lifelong Learning (NALL) research network, is not an exhaustive list of all publications addressing PLAR; such a list would be nearly impossible to compile, maintain, and make useful. In constructing this literature review, we have attempted to provide a thorough and representative sample of the different types of available publications and resources. There of course are gaps, errors, and omissions. For example, in revisions, we must expand upon the PLAR-related resources in countries where English is not the primary language, amongst other things. However, we see this bibliography as a beginning to further research, dialogue, and action on matters relating to the recognition and assessment of prior learning.

In order to address the omissions and to acknowledge PLAR as an ever-evolving field, NALL and the Canadian Labour Force Development Board, one of the research network members, are putting this bibliography on-line at the CLFDB's PLAR website (, where it will be searchable and up-datable. To oversee the updating, a review committee composed of Douglas Myer, PLA Centre, Halifax ( and Sherman Waddell, Royal Roads University, Victoria ( The on-line version of the bibliography will allow researchers, educational institutions, governments, trade unions, or community organizations to reference their publications, policies, and position statements in the collection of titles. We envision the bibliography of PLAR-related resources as a living document. A limited number of printed copies is being made available to organizations with limited access to on-line resources.

We are grateful for the cooperation of ERIC and ONTERIS on the use of their abstracts. We also acknowledge with thanks the support of SSHRCC for underwriting the NALL network and making this project possible.


  • ONTERIS Research Database at OISE/UT, a database of research and curriculum documents produced in Ontario by the provincial government, boards of education, educational institutions, and organizations
  • ERIC (Search terms: prior learning; experiential learning; flexible learning; prior learning assessment)
  • Sociofile (Search terms: prior learning; experiential learning; flexible assessment)
  • Dissertation Abstracts International (Search terms: prior learning; experiential learning)
  • University of Toronto Libraries
    Survey of PLAR facilitators and representatives from PLAR stakeholder groups

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