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Appendix 1: Equivalent Standing For Mature Students
Evaluation of formal learning

Equivalency Credit Allowances

Equivalent Education Allowance (110 hours):

A) High School Education Outside Ontario
B) Non-Secondary School Courses

  • e.g. College Upgrading 
  • Business Schools 
  • Courses taken through Armed Forces
(courses must not duplicate in content other credit courses completed)
Apprenticeship Training Allowance:
(1) Apprenticeship Training Programme
(2 credits allotted for each period of apprenticeship)

(2) Modular Training Programme
(2 credits allotted for each six units)

A.- Equivalent Education For Formal Education:

(1) Equivalent-education allowance:
Allowances may also be given to mature students for individual courses successfully completed but not normally identified as secondary education. Each course containing work that would normally be completed after a minimum of 110 hours of instruction may be considered to equal one equivalent credit.
(2) Apprentice-ship training Allowance:
Two equivalent credits may be allotted for the successful completion of each period of an apprenticeship-training program under authority of the Apprenticeship and Tradesman's Qualification Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1980, chapter 24. In a modular training program, two equivalent credits may be allotted for each six units taken over and above the prescribed academic entry requirement of the particular training program authorized under the act cited above.

B.- Equivalent Education Guidelines For Non-Institutional Learning:

(1) Maturity allowance:
A maturity allowance of up to twelve credits may be granted on the basis of age and length of time out of school. This provision recognizes that experience in the adult world can produce competence and understanding equivalent for some purposes, and to varying degrees, to that which might have been gained through formal education. Equivalent credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma may be granted to mature students under the following conditions: those who have returned to day school; are enrolled in classes in continuing education; have obtained private-study status; or are enrolled in the Independent Learning Centre. Students shall not be awarded the OSSD until they have earned, subsequent to becoming mature students, at least four Ontario credits from the Senior Division. 

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