Shizuhiko Nishisato

Currently Professor Emeritus, Measurement and Evaluation Program, OISE/UT, University of Toronto.
Born in Sapporo, Japan.
Studied experimental psychology at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan (BA, MA) under the guidance of Professors Yuki, Toda, Umeoka, Oyama, Takada,Nozawa, Sugiyama, Teranishi, Ohguro, Takenaka, and Teraoka.
Studied psychology, with major psychometrics and minor mathematics, at the University of North Carolina (Ph.D.). Ph.D. thesis entitled "Minimum entropy clustering of test items" (Supervisor Prof. R. Darrell Bock; Examination Committee Lyle V. Jones, John A. Radcliffe, William H. Wynn from the Psychometric Laboratory, and Carl M. Cochrane, Robert L. Davis and Dale M. Mesner from the Department of Mathematics), which was based on a loglinear model for binary variables to yield an estimate of entropy for the purpose of clustering them. At the University of North Carolina, courses taken were taught by Professors Jones, Bock, Shuford, Kaiser, Adkins Woods, King, Welsh, McCurdy, and Fillenbaum in psychology, Professors Hotelling, Bhapkar and Chakravarti in statistics, Professors Davis, Cramer, Mackie, Watkins and Whitten in mathematics, and a series of seminars by Professors M. Toda and G. Ekman.
A Fullbright exchange student and research assistant at the Psychometric Laboratory, together with such friends as
***Amnon Rapoport, David Messick, Raymond Wiesen, Larry Gordon, Betsy Abbe, Steve Zyzanski, Nancy Cole, James Kahan, Doug Speigel, Ed Johnson, Ed Massengill, Jun-ichi Nakahara, Hideaki Ohta, Dick Singleton, Karen Hillix, Kristin Kelman, Judith Noel, Tim Smith, Peter Schonemann, Das Gupta, B.N. Mukherjee, Eddy Young, and Reid Creech.

As required by the Fullbright Commission's regulations, left the US after Ph.D., and obtained first job as Research Associate in the Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, under research grants to Prof. Dalbir Bindra and Prof. Wally Lambert; also appointed as a statistics consultant in the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University, the main contact being Prof. Stephanie Dudeck.
After 18 months at McGill University, followed Prof. Ross E. Traub (formerly at McGill) to the newly established Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) in 1967, with the membership in the Graduate Department of Educational Theory, University of Toronto. Associate Chair of the Department of Measurement and Evaluation (1970-71) and then Chairman (1971-76). Promoted to Associate Professor from Assistant Professor in 1969, and then to Professor in 1975. Colleagues in the same department include Professors Alvi, Avital, the late Bhargava, Burrill, Childs, Churchill, Cohen, D'Oyley, Ellis, Evans, Even, Finn, the late Fleming, Hanna, the late Horn, the late Khan, Lam, Logan, McDonald, L.D.McLean, B.S. McLean, Nagy, Olivier, Padro, Preston, Roberts, Rothman, Rubincam, Russell, Ryan, Scardamalia, Schweiker, Tracz, Traub, Wahlstrom, Weiss, and Wolfe.

Research on Dual Scaling started in 1969, and has continued to date. Editor of Psychometrika from April 1992 to June 1995 and President of the Psychometric Society from 1995-96. In June 1996, organized the Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society at the Banff Centre for Conferences, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association for lifetime "contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear multivariate analysis, especially dual scaling, and the psychometrics profession" in 1998. Voted for the "Distinguished Alumnus for 2000-2001" by the University of North Carolina Psychology Alumni Association, and presented an Award for Life-Time Achievement by the Behaviormetric Society of Japan, September 2001.


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Nishisato, S. (2007; published in July 2006). Multidimensional Nonlinear Descriptive Analysis. Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC.
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In Toronto, the following students successfully completed under my supervision their
Doctor of Philosopy (Ph.D.):
Teong-Poh Lim, Thomas P. Howley, Robert E. DeVries, Alfred Cieply, Colin Woodrow, Elmer Haug, Cliff Carboneau, Hyung Ahn (Im), Deborah Day, Marc E. Gessaroli, Stuart Halpine, Daniel R. Lawrence, Oscar Millones, Wen-Jenn Sheu, Liqun Xu, Maurice Odondi, Charles Mayenga, David Hemsworth and Keanre B. Eouanzoui.
Master of Arts (M.A.):
Diana Chan, Thomas P. Howley, Douglas Shale, Heather M. Chipuer, Sara J. Neil, Lindsay Gibson, Yukio Inukai, Maria Svoboda, Wang-Pui Poon, John Sachs, Romilla Gupta, Gail Somer, Margaret Willett, and Kathryn I. Parker.

Visiting Professor at the Institute of Decision Theory and Business Research, the University of Karlsruhe (Host Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaul, Germany, 1987), Department of Psychology, Doshisha University (Host Prof. Hirotsugu Yamauchi, Japan, 1997), the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Host Prof. Yasumasa Baba, Japan, 1998), School of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University (Host Prof. Takehiro Fujihara, Japan, 2001),School of Business Management, Kwansei Gakuin University (Host Prof. Masao Nakanishi, Japan, 2002), Department of Psychology, Kwansei Gakuin University (Host Prof. Akihiro Yagi, 2003, 2005, 2006), Departments of Sociology and Psychology, Doshisha University (Hosts Prof. Shigeo Tatsuki, Prof. Hirotsugu Yamauchi, 2004).
An International Conference on Measurment and Multivariate Analysis (ICMMA) and Dual Scaling Workshop was organized by Shizuhiko Nishisato and Yasumasa Baba (Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Japan) in May 10-14, 2000, at the Banff Centre for Conferences, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
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