Course Outline:


Course: 1256H

Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology
OISE/University of Toronto 

I. Introduction:Child Abuse and Human Development (Rd: Briere, Intro; Volpe, Intro)

Life span development in context (Handout) The life space of the child
Systems of influence (Volpe, 7)
The history of childhood
Models of human nature (Handout)
Anger, aggression, and violence (Volpe, 10 & 11)
Power and exploitation (Volpe, 12, 19 & 26)
Sexual development of children (Handout)

II. Definitional Issues: Research and legal issues (Briere, Part Four)

Federal & provincial legislation
Reporting laws and their impact on professions
Children's testimony
Court Procedures and Evidence
Prevalence and incidence studies

III. Forms of Abuse (Briere, Part One)

Child neglect
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Emotional Abuse

IV. Treatment Issues (Briere, Part Two)

Individual and family therapy
Play therapy
Group therapy

V. Prevention and service delivery (Briere, Part Five and Six)

Public policy issues
Levels of prevention
Integrated services

VI. Conclusion (Consolidation)